Superior Oil Filtration Services in Australia

Our professional fry management services are tailored for each individual customer and their equipment. You can count on us for a variety of products and services that will meet the needs of any business in the food industry.

Professional Fryer and Oil Management

Your fryers will operate at peak performance year after year, as our products and services work for your success. We offer new cooking oils, with a preference for healthy products, fryer "boil outs" to reduce carbon build-up, and free removal of expired cooking oils for the convenience of our clients.

Fryer Management Services

For the last five years, we've developed a system of sampling, testing and monitoring to keep our process up to date. We work to achieve a benchmark of 99.9% impurity free levels, and regularly test and sample filtered oil to ensure our consistency. We utilise accredited laboratories to measure for impurities, for a process that is the most advanced in the industry.

Outstanding Results

Recent trials have proven that the Manafry process removes oil-destroying total polar compounds (TPCs). TPCs are chemical fats induced by heat and cooking and are regulated at a content of 25% in some countries. Even oils at this level are disposed of with the use of our comprehensive services. In fact, trials in the USA resulted in the Manafry process reducing TPCs to 0.0% in June 2011.
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