Mobile Oil Filtration Services in Australia

From leading hotels and restaurants in NSW and Queensland to takeaways, cafes and more throughout  Western and Southern Australia, we serve our clients with the best fryer management services and products in the food industry.

Deep Fryer Management Products

Let us provide you with the excellent care and service your commercial kitchen requires. We offer reliable and professional management of deep fryers, removal of expired oil off-site, and the consistent removal of >99.9% of impurities through our oil purification process. We're also able to supply your operation with premium quality cooking oils at competitive prices you simply won't find anywhere else.

Individually Tailored Services

We customise our approach to your business in order to meet your specific needs in the best way possible. From extending oil life, which reduces oil and labour costs, to eliminating the need for your staff to handle hot oils, which lowers workplace risk, you can rely on our services for a variety of benefits. We also offer:
  • Suppression of free fatty acid growth
  • Consistent oil quality
  • Better food quality
  • Cost effective, reliable, on-site service
  • Elimination of waste oil to improve the environment 
Custom build oil fryer

Customer Testimonials

Lee Jeynes, Executive Chef, Quay West Resort and Spa, Noosa writes, 

"Since the opening of the resort, Manafry has provided a professional, cost effective deep fryer management system. The system provides a high quality, long life product whilst reducing waste; it benefits the environment as well as reducing the risk of workplace injury." 
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